Vertical Flooded Heat Exchangers​

Maxi-Therm Revolutionizes Steam to Water Energy Conversion.

            Factory assembled, fully integrated flooded heat exchanger systems for building steam heating and domestic hot water applications

An entire mechanical room, on 1 skid!

Typical System Benefits:

  • Reduced Engineering Time & Risk
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Cost Effective Installation
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Increases Useful Space
  • Reduced Water/Sewer Costs
  • Application Flexibility
  • Ensures System Performance

Maxitherm captures thermal energy from steam and can be applied to just about any district steam system.

These systems provide easy hydronic heating for mechanical or domestic hot water plumbing systems.

Eliminate the need for a tempering system and cold-water pipes.

Reduce your maintenance budget and minimize expenses found in a conventional steam system.

Typical Savings When Utilizing a Maxitherm System:

20% Less On Install Costs

40% Space Savings

5-8% Less Energy Consumption

Why Steam You May Ask?

Steam is safer, smarter,  simpler and AVAILABLE.  High efficiency steam to liquid heat exchangers outperform traditional systems on so many levels.  Take advantage of your local steam districts with Maxitherm! 

Can you imagine a heating or domestic hot water system this simple in your building? You're looking at an entirely closed loop steam system!

Let's get started on your Maxitherm project today: