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Thermon Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable

Industry’s Best Heat Trace Cable. ​

Protect your mechanical and plumbing systems from damage due to freezing temperatures.

Efficiently maintain hot water pipe temperature without having spend more on a hot water recirculation pipe.

Maintain grease/kitchen waste pipes at 110 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid sludge.

Prevent dangerous snow/ice build-up on sidewalks, driveways, ramps, gutters, and key entrance ways.

Protect and Improve freezers with heat tracing in the sub-floor.

Ideal for Use in commercial buildings, parking garages, sport arenas, industrial buildings, government, and municipal infrastructure such as subways and rail stations.

Top Rated Heat Trace Cable Supplier

For over 60 years, Lawrence Lowy Associates has been the trusted supplier of heat tracing cable and parts for the New Jersey / New York Metro Area.

Heat Trace Cable / Tape is always in stock and ready to ship.

Heat Trace Cable Supplier NJ NY

Maxi-Therm Vertical Flooded Heat Exchangers​

State-of-the-art Heat Exchangers

Capture thermal energy from steam.

Apply to any district steam systems.

Provide easy hydronic heating for mechanical systems or domestic hot water plumbing systems.

Safely discharge sub-cooled condensate directly down the drain.

Eliminate the need for a tempering system and cold water pipes.

Reduce up to 75% of your maintenance budget and minimize expenses found in a conventional steam system.

Maxi therm vertical flooded heat exchanger

Custom Heat Exchange Solutions

Lawrence Lowy Associates delivers custom clean steam vertical flooded heat exchangers. Our engineers deliver efficient steam-to-water heat exchanger technology solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Request a Quote to learn about our safe and simple, high efficiency steam to liquid heat exchangers.

Expert Industrial & Commercial Heating Services

Industry's Fastest Turnaround Time + Dedicated In-House Team of Engineers

Patterson-Kelley COMPACT Water Heaters

Time-tested, Instantaneous Water Heaters. 

Steam or Hydronic system compatible compact on-demand water heaters.

Trusted brand with a 100 year legacy of success.

Industry’s Leading Warranty Coverage on professionally installed water heaters from PK. 

Rapid turnaround time with industry’s best water heater lead times.

Ideal for Use in commercial and residential buildings looking to quickly heat water with tankless solutions.

NYC Compact Water Heaters

Instantaneous Tankless Water Heaters for Buildings

Lawrence Lowy Associates has built a reputation as the leading source for instantaneous tankless water heaters in the tri-state area.

Let our engineers review your water heater / boiler application.

P-K Duration Water Heater

Water Heater / Boiler Problems? We Can Help!

PSI Oil Water Separators

PSI Oil-Water Separators

Custom Solutions Built to Specification. 

Cylindrical or rectangular oil water separators.

Custom Engineering to your exact specification. Let our experts handle the complexity.

Configurable in a wide range of sizes.

Above Grade or Below Grade oil water separator applications.

Heating Solutions for Buildings

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