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Lawrence Lowy Associates specializes in Hot Water Boiler, Domestic Hot Water Heater, Gas Systems and Mixing Valve service, repair and maintenance

Trusted for decades in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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The graph below shows 3 scenarios of a boiler in various stages of maintenance.  The curved lines represent the boiler’s remaining life depending on the service performed. As you can see, the Accardi Companies lifecycle advantage can extend the life of your boiler.

Scenario 1 – Complete Neglect:
Equipment is installed, never started up properly and no annual preventative maintenance is performed.
Life Expectancy: 5 years

Scenario 2 – Inconsistent Maintenance:
Equipment is installed and started up properly. However, preventative maintenance is not prioritized after the first 5 years.
Life Expectancy: 10 years

Scenario 3 – Routine Maintenance:
The equipment is installed and started up properly. Preventative maintenance is performed every year.
Life Expectancy: 20+ years

Complete Lifecycle Support – The Lowy Difference:

– Sizing and Design: Our team has decades of combined industry experience. Accardi experts know the boiler insallation process and can help tailor equipment size and design solutions.

– On-site Installation Support: Accardi works with you to make sure all Hot Water Boilers and Domestic Hot Water Heaters are field inspected and ready for use. We provide on-site startup and commissioning services to make sure you have everything operating to specification.

– Maintenance & Service: Once your project is completed, we are your one-stop maintenance and service provider for the lifespan of your equipment. That includes basic preventative maintenance, annual cleanings and even emergency service.

Types of Equipment We Service:

Maxi-Therm Vertical Flooded Heat Exchangers

Patterson-Kelley COMPACT Water Heaters

NYC Compact Water Heaters

Patterson-Kelley Instantaneous Tankless Water Heaters

P-K Duration Water Heater

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